Homelessness and Addiction

Today we are going to talk about how homelessness affects people with addiction. I have been a part of this stage of my life just as crowds of people in this world. It is really a tough situation especially when your mental stage of life is gone. A lot of times it starts at childhood and trauma. Growing up in pain and on a destructive path usually then by teenage years the mental health is already messed up. When suffering and pain kicks in mental health is far gone and life starts changing. Peer pressure is involved which leads to the drinking or using. For me it was alcohol, and it took control for 20 years and I lost everything. It made me cheat, lie all the time, manipulate, and do a lot of uncomfortable things. The addiction breaks you into pieces and then there is nowhere to look or go. Not wanting to get help because the mental health is telling you to keep using or drinking. Homelessness affects in a lot of aspects because there is nowhere to go but the streets or shelters. The addiction especially if it is bad takes away everything and now it’s a lost. I was homeless because of my addiction to alcohol, and I had a real problem where I couldn’t stop drinking nor wanted the help. I was on the streets for 3 months in and out of people’s houses, shelters where I couldn’t manage life due to my mental stage. I was insane and that drink made me not have anything but to be a loser. It was cold and hard out there and that made me want to drink more. They say if you want to get better you will chase that better. If you want to continue using or drinking, you will. To the youth out there I know it’s hard to deal with addiction and homelessness, but you are all worthy and can make better decisions today. Life is not easy but people like me and a lot of others care and are here to help and work with you. Once you catch yourself at a place that you feel alone and have nowhere to go reach out for the help. If you are struggling with addiction, try to get help there are people who are here and there to lend out a hand. Alcohol and drugs are damaging lives today and there are so many homeless people because of this addiction. This addiction is deadly and being homeless can lead to that also. I know today there is a way. If I found a way and my addiction to alcohol was deadly there’s hope for you today. We all fall and sometimes we need that different mindset to move forward in life and get out of our own ways. I pray and hope that I can be help to anyone today and so grateful to be a part of recovery.  

Written by: Dwayne Myers