Addiction Vs. Recovery

How did you realize you were an addict? I met a game warden who searched my car. His words were to tell my dealer to stop selling me drugs, or I would lose everything I worked for. A year later, I was in the process of losing my home, my car was undrivable, CPS was in my life, and I lost my business. 

Addiction can be genetic but also a learned behavior at home. How was your childhood? Were you in a home where drug use, alcohol abuse, or abuse happened? Addiction is also a disease that destroys everything we encounter. Addiction causes home conflicts, missing work, and even health problems. These drugs today are controlling and life debilitating. Addiction does not just affect the drug abuser, but it affects the whole family. I had become the most heartless, cold, irritable, and unrecognizable addict. What was I thinking or doing with my life? 

Today the word is called recovery. I was ready to regain control over my life. I wanted to be in the right state of mind and health. I was prepared to learn what happened to me as a child and deal with this trauma. Today, my recovery comes first before anything else. I attend Celebrate Recovery, which is a 12-step program that is Christ-centered. I work through the steps, attend step studies, meet with a sponsor, and attend two meetings weekly. I realized I had no healthy coping skills. Today, I have healthy coping skills. The skills I gained were reaching out when I am struggling, journaling, and even sitting with my emotions. Sitting with these feelings has not been easy, but I can say I do not self-medicate anymore. Have you found a program that works for you?  What coping skills do you use? Today, I have control of my life and a family who loves me. 

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Written by: Melissa Pena