Benefits of Self Care

Do you know what self-care is? Have you benefited from using self-care, or is your recovery at a standstill? Do you realize that, as recovering addicts, we usually go from one addiction to the next? Not all will be deadly, but they will affect us. I went from a methamphetamine addiction to struggling with codependency. The truth is that we must care enough about ourselves and have the courage to address our issues. 

When I started self-care, I did not understand what it meant, and after some research and meetings, I learned what self-care was. Self-care is a primary value that we need in recovery. It teaches us to prioritize our own needs. I knew I needed to find tools and resources beneficial to my physical and emotional well-being. 

Here are some helpful ideas to help you start some self-care.

I found new activities to help promote my wellness. I started eating healthier, walking with new sober friends, and even trying yoga. Anything that can benefit my well-being helps me to feel better about myself. We all know that getting sober, we usually gain weight. This is okay because were now living a life without drugs and are not self-medicating anymore. 

Furthermore, I found out I wanted to try new things. I started painting rocks and hiding them around my community. I learned that I liked reading and what better way than to sit down and enjoy quiet time? I sat and watched healthy TV shows while petting my cat. I began journaling and being honest about my feelings, triggers, and struggles. Seeing these written down helped me to stay away from the things that could cause relapse. I started attending meetings and being around other recovering addicts. I realized I was not alone in this walk. I started attending domestic violence because I was a victim and needed to learn tools to help me stay away from abusers. Lastly, I prioritized myself. I set boundaries, I learned to say no, and I learned to ask for help. 

Recovery is not easy, and it is not something to rush through. Recovery is an everyday process. We will have ups and downs. So, where can you start in addressing self-care for yourself? 

Written by: Melissa Pena