Get Rewarded to Stay Sober with Sobercoin

Sobercoin is introducing crypto currency into the world of sobriety. With the advancement in technology that Sober Network has been bringing to the table for over 20 years, they continue to stay ahead in the game by releasing Sobercoin to offer incentive to continue with sobriety. Much like a drug stimulates the brain, Sober Network is doing the same by rewarding those who are willing to move forward with their sobriety and maintain accountability. By having users interact with the Sobersystems mobile app, writing in the SoberVerse community forums, and signing up for the sober community on; visitors are given the ability to earn rewards and have fun while doing it!

To initially request Sobercoin, please visit: To earn your first 2 Sobercoin, you will need to create a member profile on After signing up you will need to write a minimum of 10 forum posts in the Community Forums only found at: to earn an additional 2 SOBR. The 3rd way to earn is by checking in on our Sobersystems App for 30 days which is available Apple and Android. The 30 days of maintaining accountability will give you 10 Sobercoin.

By stimulating those with rewards and self-motivation, Sobercoin offers people a chance to have fun while participating in their recovery.  The addiction recovery world and crypto world have been immersed together in this project which is designed specifically to help people get sober, and stay sober. Learn more about what there is to offer at