Relationships in Recovery

Written by: Dwane Myers

Good day to all the people across the world. I found this topic Interesting to me because all this can bring and outcomes. Well for being my first time in recovery it feels weird not to be in a relationship. Some days it feels so alone I want to go back to my old days. Prayers kept me focusing on myself. What I have seen in my early stage is that people come into programs and want these girls but then girls a find someone new and then they out of luck. It is not easy when you have few months sober. There are a lot of people that feel they need a relationship whether it is to use that person, because they actually care or for the pleasure. I have been there and done that’s and witnessed all these things. It’s misery to the self and others that are trying to stay focused. people chase women and then they regret it. Relationships are hard too and headache’s in the beginning. Isolation to not knowing what to do and to not be alone we need that caring person in our lives. First year in sobriety was not too hard because my recovery came first, but also didn’t have women problems. We as human beings we Injure people when we jump into relationships because now we forget about our recovery and life. It’s all about her, or him that the focus goes into. I have seen lots go back out and use because of quick breakups or lose friendship relationships because some people care about their life and don’t want to go backwards to the old self. I needed to gain some courage, be honest and aware that the feelings from the other person were mutual and that they were willing to wait which showed me that they were serious. My suggestion to anybody who is ready or think they are ready to be in a relationship early in their recovery to think before acting and ask for help what you should do. I believe in you and you are worthy as long as you happy and pray things will work out for how they work out. Thank you everybody for taking the time to read.