The Dangers of Kratom

Written by: Melissa Pena

Do you know what Kratom is? Have you heard how it can affect your life? The next question is, do you realize that your friends who walk with you in recovery and taking Kratom? Reach out to the people that are struggling. They might need to hear that what they are taking is dangerous. For many years, I was that person who was using other drugs to eliminate the pain. Why would I want to do this again? We must overcome the thought of self-medicating our emotions, pain, or troubles. When is enough; enough? 

Kratom is known to be an herbal extract that comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree. This tree is in Southeast Asia. While Kratom is sold in stores throughout the United States, it can also be purchased online. 

Kratom is believed to act on our opioid receptors. While in small doses, Kratom acts as a stimulant and fills us with energy. In more significant amounts, it helps to remove the pain a person is feeling. Also, in high doses, it works as a sedative and causes drowsiness. There are safety concerns for people using Kratom. While Kratom only takes five to ten minutes to work, the effect lasts up to five hours. A person is being boosted with energy, which helps their mood and relieves pain. Do you stop to think about what else Kratom is doing to your body? 

Kratom is known to cause weight loss, dry mouth, chills, and liver disease. Please do not forget what it is doing to your mind and nervous system. People hallucinate and have delusions, seizures, comas, and death. From 2011-2017 1800 reports included death and seizures. Also, it was stated that five to seven infants are reported to have been exposed to Kratom and went through a withdrawal. 

My question is, why put your body through any drug that can affect our bodies? I worked hard to overcome a methamphetamine addiction; why would I take this pill sold over the counter that causes the same reaction? I have said this through other blogs; you are worth recovery! Your family and children deserve to have a sober and sober-minded parent.