11 Tips on How to Make Sober Friends

Four friends enjoy a picnic and pizza to show the concept of making friends sober

How to Find Sober Friends and Forge Lasting Connections Whether you are in early recovery or decades sober, it can sometimes be tough for people choosing sobriety to meet other members of the tribe. After all, many of us are not used to making friends with anyone outside our former drinking and/or using buddies, never…

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What is a Relapse Autopsy in Sobriety?

A woman with a magnifying glass shows the concept of relapse autopsies

Dissect the Cause of Relapse and Better Protect Your Recovery Let’s face the hard truth right up front: relapse to alcohol or substance use is a challenging and disheartening experience for those of us in recovery. (For those not part of the sobriety community, it refers to the return to drug or alcohol use after…

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20 Celebrities in Recovery: Success and Setbacks


Looking at Fame and the Challenges to Lasting Sobriety Addiction does not discriminate; it can affect anyone, regardless of their social status or fame. Celebrities, despite their public personas and sometimes seemingly perfect lives, are not immune to the struggles of addiction, not by a long stretch. But their stories can serve as a testament…

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Our Top Gifts for a Sober Person from SOBRLIFE Clothing

Best Gifts for a Sober Person: Recovery Guides from SOBRLIFE Finding the perfect gift for a sober person can be a unique challenge. However, thoughtful and meaningful gifts can play a significant role in their recovery journey, showing support and celebrating their sobriety milestones. In our latest blog, we will explore the importance of gifts…

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