Picking Up Life Skills in Recovery for a Thriving Sobriety

Professionals meeting in a cafe show the concept of life skills in recovery from SOBRLIFE.com

The Most Important Life Skills Needed for Sober Success You already know that entering and being in active recovery is more than just overcoming this substance or that one; it involves retooling your life with practical skills that support long-term sobriety and overall well-being. Otherwise, what’s the point of getting clean and sober if we…

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Crafting an AA Amends Script: A SOBRLIFE Guide to Step 9

A concept pic showing papers being looked through to represent the idea of AA amends scripts

A SOBRLIFE Resource on Writing Amends Effectively Are you looking for guidance on writing an AA amends script that effectively guides you along what can sometimes lead to uncomfortable, sticky situations? Our latest resource from SOBRLIFE dives straight into the heart of the AA amends process, offering you a step-by-step guide to creating a script…

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Does Hollywood Promote Drug Use?

Hollywood and the glamorization of drug use

A Guide to Drug and Alcohol Use on Film and TV from SOBRLIFE It isn’t hard to find a Hollywood film or television show that features drugs. In fact, sometimes it can be hard to find a film that doesn’t mention drug use of some kind. While drugs may get plenty of screen time, the…

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Genetics: Should You be Prepared?

A woman in Hope Fiend tee shirt shows the concept that alcohol addiction and genetics do not define sobriety

A SOBRLIFE Guide on Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse Emerging research points to genetics as a major factor in addiction. Knowing that, should people act or behave differently? Our latest guide from SOBRLIFE.com looks into exactly this: how gene and environment interactions combine to contribute to alcohol and substance use disorders for many of…

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Mastering Long Term Sobriety: Strategies for Sustained Recovery from SOBRLIFE

Mastering Long Term Sobriety

Navigating the journey toward long term sobriety is a commitment that unfolds day by day. If you are searching for ways to sustain your recovery, you’re not alone. True, long term sobriety presents its challenges; however, understanding the underlying principles, building a support network, and crafting a lifestyle that champions sobriety can pave the way…

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Sex in Recovery: Intimacy and Sobriety

Sex in Recovery

Making the Most of Intimacy and Sex While Pursuing Sobriety We know the topic is sort of taboo, and that for some reason few people talk about sex in recovery. Even in the rooms and among groups of recovering addicts and alcoholics, it seems like issues of sex and intimacy are rarely brought up. And…

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Bill W: Emotional Sobriety and the Next Frontier

Bill W: Emotional Sobriety

A Closer Look at Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier Emotional sobriety is a concept that has gained significant attention in the field of addiction recovery. In the work by Bill W: Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), explores the importance of cultivating emotional well-being alongside physical sobriety. Our latest SOBRLIFE…

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