What are the Best Ways to Regain Custody After Drug Abuse?

A judge and scale of justice show the concept of the best ways to regain custody after drug abuse from SOBRLIFE

Can a Recovering Addict Get Custody Back: How it is Done Regaining custody after drug use is tough but there’s a way back. This post will walk you through the ways to get custody back after drug use, what you need to do to prove your recovery and provide a stable home for your child.…

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How to Detox Your Body from THC

How to detox your body from THC blog by SOBRLIFE

Looking at the Ways to Rid Cannabis from Your System To get aside the technicalities, THC is the more common name for tetrahydrocannabinol. Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you already know that THC is the main ingredient in marijuana that causes many of the drug’s notorious psychological effects. But let’s get started on…

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What is a Spiritual Awakening in Recovery?

What is a spiritual awakening in recovery concept pic shows woman in the golden sun with arms spread out

Recovery Talk About the Spiritual Awakening Process If you are in recovery or know someone who is, you know the truth. Getting clean and sober is tough. Let’s just say recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a physical and mental process. At SOBRLIFE, most of us are men and women in recovery, and…

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Support Recovery for All with All-New SOBR WATER

a group of people putting their hands together shows the concept of recovery for all as movement embraced at SOBRLIFE.com

SOBRLIFE and the Real Launch of Recovery for All of Us Greetings once more to our growing friends of the SOBRLIFE community! In our ongoing series about the sobriety and recovery movement’s past, present, and future, I am excited to share some thoughts on a topic close to my heart: “Recovery for All.”  My own…

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Slaying the Dragon: William White & the Recovery Movement

Slaying the Dragon William White and his seminal work on addiction and its history

Our latest guide from SOBRLIFE kicks off a series of articles, as we delve into the origins of the sobriety movement. It also happens to explain a lot about why we are passionate about promoting an inclusive vision of sobriety and recovery for all!  With this post, we’re diving into the life and work of…

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Can Recovering Alcoholics Ever Drink Again?

Can a recovering alcoholic drink again concept pic shows a man refusing a beer

Can You Drink Alcohol Again After a Long Time in Recovery? One of the most contentious issues among people in the recovery community is the question, “Can recovering alcoholics ever drink again?” This debate stirs significant discussion among people in sobriety, although we feel it is not a particularly complex dialogue. At heart, most of…

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25 Refreshing Sober Date Ideas to Connect and Have Fun Without Alcohol

Sober date ideas include food truck dates

On the hunt for sober date ideas that ensure a great time without alcohol? Our collection of 25 suggestions offers a bevy of exciting enjoy each other’s company. The activities range from outdoor adventures to creative pursuits and active fun, all designed for creating memorable moments together, with no booze, sauce, or spirits required! Get…

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5 Ways to Shatter the Stigma | A SOBRLIFE Recovery Resource

shatter the stigma is the concept behind sobrlife.com

Bringing the Fight for Recovery Into the Public Eye More and more you see us. Most of us are considered upstanding citizens and even vital members of healthy communities. Who are we? The people of recovery, from all walks of life and backgrounds, who have chosen to embrace sobriety after facing dependence and addiction. All…

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Our Select Sober Vacation Ideas of All Kinds

A guide to sober vacations ideas from the SOBRLIFE.com

A Look at Successfully Planning Travel in Recovery If you are like most of us in sobriety, you fought to put down the booze or substance of choice, and now you’d like to begin getting back out there, in terms of planning a vacation without the intoxication. Rest assured, you are not alone. In recent…

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Does Hollywood Promote Drug Use?

Does hollywood promote drug use concept pic of awards night and actress at podium

A Guide to Drug and Alcohol Use on Film and TV from SOBRLIFE It isn’t hard to find a Hollywood film or television show that features drugs. In fact, sometimes it can be hard to find a film that doesn’t mention drug use of some kind. While drugs may get plenty of screen time, the…

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