What are the Best Ways to Regain Custody After Drug Abuse?

A judge and scale of justice show the concept of the best ways to regain custody after drug abuse from SOBRLIFE

Can a Recovering Addict Get Custody Back: How it is Done Regaining custody after drug use is tough but there’s a way back. This post will walk you through the ways to get custody back after drug use, what you need to do to prove your recovery and provide a stable home for your child.…

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Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery

An artist shows her painted hands in a SOBRLIFE blog on art therapy for addiction recovery

Using Media and Multimedia to Support Successful Sobriety To combat an addiction, a lot of people begin with detox and then complete a range of therapies and treatments at rehab. One of the most important methods of recovery is one-on-one therapy, which often includes addiction treatment art therapy. But why is art therapy for addiction…

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How to Detox Your Body from THC

How to detox your body from THC blog by SOBRLIFE

Looking at the Ways to Rid Cannabis from Your System To get aside the technicalities, THC is the more common name for tetrahydrocannabinol. Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you already know that THC is the main ingredient in marijuana that causes many of the drug’s notorious psychological effects. But let’s get started on…

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What is a Spiritual Awakening in Recovery?

What is a spiritual awakening in recovery concept pic shows woman in the golden sun with arms spread out

Recovery Talk About the Spiritual Awakening Process If you are in recovery or know someone who is, you know the truth. Getting clean and sober is tough. Let’s just say recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a physical and mental process. At SOBRLIFE, most of us are men and women in recovery, and…

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Is Artesian Water Good for You?

A spring with water gushing shows the answer the the question is artesian water good for you

Looking at the Benefits of New Artesian SOBR WATER Hello to all the hydration enthusiasts out there and to our growing SOBRLIFE recovery community! This article has something to appeal to you both! As you may have caught wind of from recent posts, SOBRLIFE is pretty darn excited to launch its new artesian bottled water,…

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Support Recovery for All with All-New SOBR WATER

a group of people putting their hands together shows the concept of recovery for all as movement embraced at SOBRLIFE.com

SOBRLIFE and the Real Launch of Recovery for All of Us Greetings once more to our growing friends of the SOBRLIFE community! In our ongoing series about the sobriety and recovery movement’s past, present, and future, I am excited to share some thoughts on a topic close to my heart: “Recovery for All.”  My own…

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The Diseasing of America and its Fallout

SOBRLIFE guide to the diseasing of America and a path forward

Our Continuing Campaign to Drown the Stigma Around Addiction We hope you’ve been with us for a while, but whether new to SOBRLIFE or old, welcome to our series of blogs on the evolution of addiction treatment and recovery in the US! Today, we’re diving into an incredibly important topic: ‘The Diseasing of America,’ a…

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Slaying the Dragon: William White & the Recovery Movement

Slaying the Dragon William White and his seminal work on addiction and its history

Our latest guide from SOBRLIFE kicks off a series of articles, as we delve into the origins of the sobriety movement. It also happens to explain a lot about why we are passionate about promoting an inclusive vision of sobriety and recovery for all!  With this post, we’re diving into the life and work of…

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Drinking Water in Addiction Recovery is Life

Drinking water in addiction recovery is essential: a woman drinking bottle SobrWater shows this concept

Drown the Stigma Around Sobriety and Get the Best Water Around We all know the truth on a core level. Water is good for us. Beyond that even. Water is a source of renewal, and at least for those who choose to be sober (yeah, we’re talking to you!) water is a key part of…

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Sex in Recovery: Getting Intimate Sober

A man and a woman are about to kiss on the beach to show the concept of sex in recovery from addiction

Making the Most of Intimacy and Sex in Recovery We know the topic is sort of taboo, and that for some reason few people talk about sober sex. Even in the rooms and among groups of recovering addicts and alcoholics, it seems like issues of sex and intimacy are rarely brought up. And at SOBRLIFE,…

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